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$30 Verizon InPulse Refill Card - For $29.40 Image
$30 Verizon InPulse Refill Card - For $29.40
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* Sales of mobile refill PINs are final. No refunds. No exchanges.

Recharge Instructions

1. Dial #PAY or #729 from your phone and follow the prompts

2. When asked, enter your PIN provided to you by SpeedyPin Mobile.

60 days from last recharge

Customer Support Dial *611 from your phone or
Terms & Conditions $0.25 per-call connection fee applies.

Minutes listed are based on using all the minutes in one call, and the connection fee is not figured into the minutes listed.

This is the same as the Verizon Pay as You Go program.

Domestic Long Distance included.

Card expires in 60 days from activation.

Mobile2Mobile calls apply when connecting to other Verizon cellular customers.

Every time you replenish your account the minutes are good for 60 days from the day you activate your new minutes.

When the 60-day expiration arrives you must replenish your account to keep it active.

If you do not replenish your account within the 60-day period any remaining balance is lost and you may lose your cellular phone number.

As long as you remember to replenish your account every 60-days you will not lose any money as the remaining balance will roll over to the next period.

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