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$25 Alltel Recharge Card - For $24.25 Image
$25 Alltel Recharge Card - For $24.25
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* Sales of mobile refill PINs are final. No refunds. No exchanges.

Recharge Instructions

1.Dial 1-800-466-9576 from your home or office phone (landline).

2. Follow the voice prompts for entering your 10 digit prepaid phone #, then press # key.
3. Confirm your 10 digit prepaid phone # or re-enter if incorrect.
4. When prompted for your Pin, enter the Pin and press the # key.
5. Confirm the Pin or re-enter. You should hear confirmation that the value was added.
Expiration 60 days after application to your account.
Customer Support Dial 1-800-255-8351
Terms & Conditions

Please go to http://www.alltel.com/terms.html for terms and conditions.

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